Treat Reducer  

by gary
18-Oct-2013 - 31-Oct-2013

Building good eating habits by reducing the number of "treats" you eat (or drink). That doesn't mean eliminating or even sharply reducing. The goal is to have one (or more) fewer treats during the day than usual--then you get to check it off! We spend the first four days establishing a baseline of normal treat-eating. Then the checks begin, along with a few check-ins to keep you in the game. Grazers will have higher baselines, but that's OK. (Your portions are generally smaller.) What if you already eat only one treat a day? Cut the amount in half and that counts! (But ONLY for the one-a-day folks.) 10 days of a small cutback in treats. Can you do it? Of course you can! Join now and start building a healthier diet!